Hospitalization after first chemo treatment

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Darby stopped eating the second day after her carboplatin treatment.  On day Chemo Plus 5, after vomiting six times in 24 hours, my husband had had enough and drove Darby back up to the hospital.  (We tried Cerenia and Mirtazapine, neither of which did anything.)  She was admitted and spent the night getting IV fluids and medication.

The diagnosis was gastroenteritis.  Two doctors basically admitted to being very surprised, and that her problem was probably a reaction to the chemo.  (The admitting vet yesterday told us her condition was not consistent with a   carboplatin reaction.)  So we may never know exactly whether this was chemo-related, or whether there was some other extenuating circumstance.

I just brought her home about lunchtime, and she had a decent afternoon at home.  Gobbled down a cup and a half of the chicken & rice mixture I made.  Her energy level seems okay.  We had two contractors come to scope out an interior job on the house, and Darby investigated each one to make sure they were “okay.”  So it looks like she’s on the mend!

Her oncologist is still in favor of her next chemo round on the 21st.  I asked whether another chemo drug might be better suited for Darby, but he said for her type of cancer, not really.  Normally they decrease the dose for Round 2 anyway.  If Darby has a similar problem a second time, he said he may consider stopping the chemo altogether.  We shall see!

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2 thoughts on “Hospitalization after first chemo treatment”

  1. Geez, so sorry sweet Darby is going through all this. And to get conflicting opinions , yikes!

    Remember, you know Darby best. You saw all the reactions and all the side effects from “something”
    I would at least ask the Onco about doing three weeks inbetween this treatment and rhe next treatment.

    I would also ask about doing PREVENTIVE measures just in case the tummy upset was due to chemo. Ask if she can have some fluids, or maybe sulfracate (?) or something else a day or so ahead and after to cost her tummy.
    While the dose may be lower next time, it’s still cumulative to a degree. At least, that’s my understanding…not a Bet and not giving Vet advice.

    Glad to hear she’s feeling better though! Eating and checking out the contractors…good signs!!

    Sending lots of extra hugs
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened, it’s such a rare thing for a pup to experience such brutal side effects. YAY that she is feeling better though!

    Let us know how the next one goes OK? And remember that no matter what, chemo is still optional, and if you gave it a shot and it doesn’t work out, at least you can feel good about that. Darby just wants you to be hoppy.

    P.S. Don’t forget to share some photos, we would love to see her!

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