Second treatment better than the first!

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Darby went in for her second carboplatin treatment 3 days ago.  She hasn’t missed a meal since, and in spite of seeming a little less energetic than normal, I think it’s safe to say that we’re past the danger point with this treatment.  We may even venture out for a walk around the cul-de-sac after I finish this.

So, what worked?  There was no sedative this time — we were actually in and out of the vet hospital in an hour.  I wasn’t exactly with her during the treatment, but I did remain in the waiting room.  She wasn’t prescribed any medication before the treatment, but went home with some Cerenia and Metronidazole, which we’ve given her even though we haven’t experienced any vomiting this time.  (Yay!!)  The carboplatin dosage was also reduced from 28 units to 22.5.  So maybe we’ve reached the magic formula!

Darby used to like to go out into the back yard and scratch her back by rolling around in the grass, yawing back and forth on her back, and stretching her legs in the air.  I wasn’t sure if she could still do that.  Here’s proof she’s still getting relief!

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3 thoughts on “Second treatment better than the first!”

  1. Yay Darby! Your vet team is wonderful, I love that they found the magic recipe to help you kick cancers butt.

    Roll away my friend, enjoy that sweet grass and have a hoppy Thanksgiving!

  2. OVER THE MOON HAPPY TO READ THIS! 😁😁😁 And then to see Darby being Darby again and enjoy a good roll in the grass….DEEEELIGHTFUL!😁😁😁

    Good job of breaking down all the factors that made this treatment much easier on Darby. You nailed it!

    Keep on rolling Darby!!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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