Good news – morning of Surgery Day Plus 3

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Just got back from the trip to the hospital to have the catheter (for the local pain med) removed. Darby is doing great – lies down & pops back up pretty sprightly!  Plus, she must have felt well enough to “climb the hill” in our back yard. We let her out this morning, in the dark, to relieve herself, and my husband heard her on the hill. In her younger days, Darby would launch over the 2 -2.5  foot retaining wall without a thought.  Of course, she’s not SUPPOSED to do said launching now – I guess we’ll have to keep the leash closer! Nice to know that she’s still totally willing to keep our yard safe from turkeys or ground squirrels on the hill who venture too close to the wire fence!

We were a little concerned about her licking her remaining front paw a lot, and she coughed a couple times in the 10 or so minutes we were at the hospital.  Nothing to be concerned about at this time, we were told.

The good news came from the oncologist, who called last evening. Darby’s bad leg had never been biopsied, so the confirmation of osteosarcoma indicated in post-surgery lab work told us we’re doing the right thing.  Also, her lymph nodes were clear! The oncologist is recommending starting chemo.

So all seems well at this point in Darbyland. I’m going to be out of town for 5 days, so my husband gets to handle any withdrawal issues from the local medication. Other folks on this site have warned us that this may be the hardest thing for us – I’m sure my husband and Darby are up to the challenge!

Thank you to tripawds members for all the kind words and helpful advice! It is so appreciated!

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One thought on “Good news – morning of Surgery Day Plus 3”

  1. Well that is terrific news! She’s definitely not your usual senior gal, sounds like she’s got the energy of a much younger pup. Glad to hear she’s rearin’ to go, but just be sure to take things slow or she could end up pulling a muscle or getting injured (we see that a lot around here).

    Good luck to the hubby this weekend. Hope you have a great trip!

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