Made it through the first night

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While I was out last evening, my husband reported hearing some licking sounds from Darby.  Oops!  Removing the cone was premature!  She was grooming the bottom part of her incision.  So lesson learned for us:  the cone went back on.  🙁

Our bedroom is upstairs, and Darby usually sleeps either on her bed or on a couch downstairs.  (Fortunately, she’s tall enough to just kind of slide onto the couch — no jumping required.  We noticed last night that she’d already crossed that bridge on her own!)  For her first night home, I elected to sleep on a different couch downstairs — if she needed anything, I’d be nearby and could hear better.  This is where humans and dogs are different.  Humans actually SLEEP at night, and dogs sleep a lot during the day.  I think Darby was pretty excited to have company, and visited me quite a lot last night.  Cone in my face.  Lots of petting.  “You’re a good dog, Darby!”  So the quality of my sleep was pretty bad, but Darby seemed be fine during the night, in spite of all the interrupted sleep.  At least I didn’t have to get up and inject more of the bupivacaine.  She got that first thing this morning, and seems to be in good shape.  She’ll get the catheter for the bupivacaine removed tomorrow morning.

By the way, she’s sleeping now.

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One thought on “Made it through the first night”

  1. Patience Grasshopper Darby, that cone will be in the closet before you know it. No more licking silly girl.

    Hope you let your humans get some sleep tonight!

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